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I am your Naturopathic Doctor, your guide to natural healing. Ask me how I can help you.

Optimal health.

Time-honored wisdom.

A natural balance.

Discover your greatest potential.

Dr. Lepisto is your naturopathic doctor. He earned his ND at Bastyr University, one of the nation’s most respected schools of naturopathic medicine.

Meet Dr. Lepisto

Dr. Lepisto’s Message


While allopathic doctors generally treat symptoms, a naturopath tends to be preventive in nature. They try and find the cause. I highly recommend Dr. Chris. Both my wife and myself – he’s our primary doctor. We go to him first.

Jasmine is doing great! She had a couple of problems after she saw you, but it settled down as we adhered to the diet and kept her on the supplements. We reintroduced her to milk products slowly after about a month and she no longer seems to have a problem. No gas, no belly aches, nothing. You are a rare doctor to actually follow up on your patients.
Thank you, Chris.

Dr Chris Lepisto treated me long term, and long distance, for heavy metal toxicity. He was very knowledgeable, competent, caring, and willing to assist me in every way possible. He is a complete resource for any alternative health care needs. Thanks, Dr.Chris!

I was scheduled for knee surgery and thought I had no other options until I saw Dr. Lepisto. He walked me through a custom healthy knee treatment plan and it sounded like it was worth a try. I did not have to have surgery, and I have been now running and skiing for seven years!